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Hurricane Season Tips

  1. Check the Travel Warnings page from the Canadian Government.
  2. Confirm travel arrangements prior to departure and ensure that insurance allows for cancellation due to hurricane
  3. Ensure that detailed information is left with family and friends in Canada
  4. Ensure that page 4 of your passport is filled out properly and leave copies with someone in Canada
  5. Register with the responsible Canadian government office. Click here
  6. Monitor local news and weather reports at the destination and follow the advice of the local authorities and tour operators.
  7. Know how to contact the nearest Canadian Government office.
  8. Obtain up-to-date weather forecasts from the National Hurricane Center.
  9. Visit the Canadian Hurricane Center website for recommendations and how to prepare
  10. Carry the contact information for the emergency center of  Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada department. 1.613.996.8885

Adapted from “Bon Voyage, but…” from the Foreign Affairs & International Trade Canada booklet. Available at www.voyage.gc.ca

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