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Parental Consent Letter

Parental consent letter for adults travelling with minors without one or both parents/guardians.

The following letter is recommended by, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, when children are travelling alone or without one or both of their parents or legal guardians.

This letter and a wide variety of travel information pertinent to Canadians is found at:  http://travel.gc.ca/

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Please click here for downloadable sample of this letter Child Travelling Alone letter 


“It is strongly recommended that children travelling alone or with one parent carry a consent letter for each and every trip abroad. Although anyone can witness/sign these letters, it is advisable to have the consent letter certified, stamped or sealed by an official who has the authority to administer an oath or solemn declaration (i.e., a commissioner for oaths, notary public, lawyer, etc.) so that the validity of the letter will not be questioned. It is up to each official/individual who witnesses such a letter to decide what proof he/she needs to see to be able to witness/sign the letter. Officials should only witness/sign a letter of consent if he/she is convinced that the individual requesting the letter is who he/she claims to be and that adequate proof has been provided.

This consent letter may be required by foreign authorities among other additional country-specific entry requirements. You should contact the representatives of the country or countries to be visited by the child to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information regarding their specific entry requirements as permission to enter another country is the sole prerogative of that country.

We also strongly recommend that you contact the transportation company (airline, train, bus, etc.) in order to observe any additional policies that they might have in place.

The following sample letter can be amended to meet your specific situation and requirements.” Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

*****************************sample letter****************************

To Whom It May Concern

I (We), ________________ (full name(s) of custodial and/or non-custodial parent(s)/legal guardian(s)), am (are) the____________________ (lawful custodial parent and/or non-custodial parent(s) or legal guardian(s))


Child’s full name: _____________________________________

Date of birth (DD/MM/YY): _____________________________

Place of birth: ________________________________________

Canadian passport number:_____________________________

Date of issuance of Canadian passport (DD/MM/YY): ________

Place of issuance of Canadian passport: __________________

________________ (child’s full name), has my (our) consent to travel with

Full name of accompanying person: _______________________

Canadian or foreign passport number: _____________________

Date of issuance of passport (DD/MM/YY):_________________

Place of issuance of passport: ___________________________

to visit ______________ (name of foreign country) during the period of __________________ (dates of travel: departure and return). During that period, ________________ (child’s full name) will be residing with ________________ (name of person where child will be residing in foreign country) at the following address:

Number/street address and apartment number: ______________

City, province/state, country: _____________________________

Telephone and fax numbers (work and residence): _______________________

Any questions regarding this consent letter can be directed to the undersigned at:

Number/street address and apartment number: ______________

City, province/state, country: _____________________________

Telephone and fax numbers (work and residence): _______________________

Signature(s):______________________________________ Date:_________________

(Full name(s) and signature(s) of custodial parent,

and/or non-custodial parent(s) or legal guardian(s))

Signed before me, ________________ (name of witness), this _________________ (date) at ________ ______ (name of location).

Signature: ________________ (name of witness)

If you have any questions or are not sure if you need this form for your trip, call us at 1.888.461.0231 or email us by filling out the information below.

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